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What makes a man sick?

[Typical life of a Korean men]

Excessive works, unbalanced food intake and drinking alcohol destroy the health of modern men. Moreover the stress from each age group’s life style seeking happiness and pleasure destroys their health.

A typical example:
The heath of a man in his 30s

No effect without cause! – A man in his 30s is susceptible to sexual dysfunction, health problems and prostate problems!
The health of a man in his 30s is at stake. The National Health Insurance Corporation published 2010 Health Screening Statistics Year Book containing the major indicators for the health screening. According to that, men in their 30s shows the highest obesity rate (41.1%) and smoking rate(52.8 %).
Their health in their hey days is destroyed by their bad habits. As they grow old, they are more likely to have sexual dysfunction, prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy, etc. So those in their 30s need to take special care of their health.

Many studies including this study have reported men in their 30s are getting sick. Last month, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the National Health and Nutrition Survey Report and it showed the similar results. In this report, the smoking rate of the men in their 30s was even higher, 54.8%; 1 of 4 men drinks Soju at least 2 times a week, more than 6 cups each time(high-risk drinker group); and 29.8% feel stressed, the highest of the all male age group

A typical example : The health of men after 40

Causes result in results- A pain of middle-aged men: Prostatic Hypertrophy, Sexual Dysfunction, etc.

Our fathers carry too much weight but do not show that. Incidence rate rapidly increases as they grow old.

Prostate produces various secretions to prevent the urethra from drying out and is closely related to male hormone Androgen. It grows in size as the secretion increases. The size of the prostate of men in their 20-30s remains unchanged till they are in their 50s, and then it grows in size. This is called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. Hormone therapy can return the size to normal, but this therapy has the high-risk of adverse effect. If the hormone therapy is stopped, the size of prostate grow again.


Symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia-weak stream, residual urine, hesitancy, nocturia, even retention of urine.

Enlarged prostate oppresses the urethra that passes through the prostrate and narrows the urethra, resulting in urination related problems. In the early state of benign prostatic hyperplasia, residual urine is felt and urine tickles. It leads to weak stream, decreased amount of urine, frequent urination and nocturia. Since urine stays longer in the bladders, it may develop into acute cystitis, causing you to come to the emergency room.

<Problematic disease afflicting men>
What are the root causes for sexual dysfunction, prostate disorders, chronic fatigue, hangover, male hormone disorder and andropause?

What is testosterone?
It develops male secondary sexual characteristics, promotes spermatogenesis and grows prostate and seminal vesicles. Sex hormone, which is related to reproductive function, is secreted from the hypothalamus and produces luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone travels along blood stream and stimulates Leydig''s cells in the testicles, forming male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is secreted into the blood vessels and flows into the muscles, thereby growing the muscle size.

Remove the waste accumulated in the urethra; Improve blood circulation;
Enhance metabolism and immune system

The first stage is for prostate and urethra. When a problem occurs in this parts, most men will feel pain and discomfort during their everyday life. The problem with this is that the waste increasingly accumulates with age, which leads to the blood circulation disorders.

Blood circulation disorders weaken the immune system and cause male sexual dysfunction including impotence and premature ejaculation. Blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the respective cells of the body and removes the waste created by the cell via blood vessels .

The accumulated wastes in the blood vessel block the flow of blood, incurring myocardial infarction, hypertension, the hardening of the arteries and other cardiovascular diseases. To ensure smooth blood circulation, it is required to remove such wastes. However, the immunity of modern people declines due to stress, drinking and smoking, so it is hard to discharge wastes from the body. The deterioration of immunity promotes secretion of stress hormone Cortisol.

Fermented red ginseng, the main ingredient of Mensgear Stage 1, improves the immunity and enhances the blood circulation by way of inhibiting the blood coagulation, and expands the blood vessels, preventing wastes from accumulating. In addition, zinc promotes the normal male hormone secretion and helps produce healthy sperms. Besides, it contains natural substances improving sexual functions such as ginseng berries, adding to its efficacy.

Cortisol excites the sympathetic nerves, which in turn contracts the blood vessel, thereby inhibiting the process for discharging waste and detoxification. This inhibits the blood supply to the penis, which in turn result in sexual impotence. In order to improve the sexual dysfunction, it is critical to expand the blood vessels of prostate and urethra. Therefore it is critical to improve body's normal immune function, which can prevent the blood coagulation and the accumulation of waste in the blood vessels.

Erection stimulators, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, the increase of testosterone, The enhancement of exercise performance ability

According to the Korean Society of Sexual Medicine and Andropology, 28.4% of Korean men suffer andropause. Its typical symptoms include chronical fatigue, loss of work efficiency, impotence and sexual dysfunction. Andropause is caused by the increase of sex hormone(testosterone)-binding protein and the decrease of testosterone.

Domestic paper on the human test of oktakosanol

  • Nam, Sang Nam, et al (Sports Science 12 (4): 587-586, in 2003)
    “An effect of Oktakosanol intake on the cardiopulmonary function of long-range athlete."
  • So, In Chul( Sports Nutrition 10 (3): 275-280,in 2006)
    “An effect of Oktakosanol intake on the blood glucose and fatigue substance before increasing load exercise"
  • An, Ui Soo et al. (Sports Nutrition 3 (2): 85-84, 1999)
    “ An effect of Oktakosanol intake on the endurance exercise capacity"
  • Yang, Yoo Gwon, et al (Korea Sports Society Journal, 43 (6): 553-559,2004)
    “ An effect of short-term oktakosanol intake on endurance exercise capacity."
  • source: Ministry Food and Drug Safety homepage (Introduction of health functional foods)

Some men start suffering andropause from in their early 40s if testosterone decreases. Its typical symptoms include chronical fatigue, decrease of stamina, loss of work efficiency and sexual dysfunction such as impotence, reduced sperms and decreased sexual pleasure.

Andropause also affects men’s social status adversely while decreasing their work efficiency. Thus quick improvement is required. Menzgear Stage 2 contains vitamin B, oktakosanol and zinc. Vitamin B is various soluble vitamin complex, controlling the cellular metabolism.
The vitamin is effective in preventing fatigue and the recovery from fatigue while engaging in the formation of antibodies, thereby promoting energy conversion and enhancing immunity. Oktakosanol components have the ability to seamlessly convert the glycogen stored in the muscles and liver into energy, thereby increasing men’s stamina.
In addition, the zinc contained in Menzgear Stage 2, promote testosterone secretion. Testosterone produces nitric oxide which expands and contracts the blood vessels, inhibits the reaction of aromatase enzyme and reduces the conversion from testosterone to estrogen, thereby helping improve the andropause. This means the expansion of blood vessels as well as the improvement of blood vessels.

Recover from liver function, improve physical fatigue, increase testosterone and decompose acetaldehyde decomposition

Main Ingredients

  • Vitamin A
    Needed for the adaptation in the dark
    Needed for generating skins and membranes
    Needed for the growth of epithelial
  • Vitamin B1
    Needed for Carbohydrate and energy metabolism
  • Vitamin B2
    Generate energy
  • Vitamin B6
    Needed to use protein and amino acid
    Needed to maintain normal level of homocysteine
  • Vitamin B12
    Needed for normal folate metabolism
  • Vitamin C
    The formation and maintenance of connective tissue function? Need
    Required for the absorption of iron Protect cells from free radicals? Need to
  • Vitamin D
    Needed to absorb calcium and phosphorus
    Needed to form and maintain bones
    Reduce a risk of osteoporosis
  • Vitamin E
    Protect cells from harmful oxygen
  • Iron
    Needed to transport and
    generate oxygen
  • Selenium
    Protect cells from harmful oxygen
  • Niacin
    Needed for generating body energy
  • Pantothenic acid
    Heeded for fat, carbohydrate, protein metabolism and for the generation Of energy
  • Zinc
    Normal immune function
    Normal cell division
  • Folate
    Needed for cells and blood creation
    Needed for development of fetal neural tube
    Necessary to maintain a normal blood levels of homocysteine

Supplementary Ingredients

  • Sea cucumber extract powder
  • Ginseng berries concentrate power
  • Trigonella foenum-Graecum seed powder
  • Hovenia dulcis fruit extract powder
  • Terrapin powder
  • Cordyceps militaris powder

According to the results of a survey with 1000 Korean adults in 20s-50s, 38% of the respondents answered they has less than one sexual intercourse with their spouses a month, indicating 4 of 10 adults are in the potential sexless state. With regards to the reasons, they suspected excessive work load and chronic fatigue. Particularly, the chronic fatigue is caused by fatigue liver.
Fatigue in general is defined as abnormal exhaustion, a state in which a person cannot continue to make an effort or concentrate because of exhaustion or a state in which a person is out of energy so cannot engage in normal daily activities. If this fatigue lasts more than 1 month, it is called prolonged fatigue, and if it lasts more than 6 months, it is called chronic fatigue.
Unlike transient fatigue, chronic fatigue cannot be recovered after a few moments of relaxation, is very debilitating.
Most of Korean men have their livers damaged by drinking, smoking and stress. Liver dysfunction causes physical fatigue to accumulate fatigue and hinders the male hormone metabolism, which in turn leads to sexless life. Menzgear Stage 3 was made after constant trial and errors to solve the problems arising from such men’s lifestyle.
3-Stage multi-vitamin and mineral contents help our bodies absorb nutrients and promote metabolism, which protects our livers. Healthy livers convert ammonia into urea by way of the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and alcohol, and produce bile. The bile produced in the liver absorbs fat, maintains the equilibrium of cholesterol and discharges body wastes, thereby improving physical fatigue and our married life.

3-month clinical effects for 300 men in their 40s~70s treated with Menzgear

RNC Bio has treated 300 men in their 40s~70s with menzgear Stage 1, 2 and 3 for 3 months. The results showed positive effects in 4 categories: testosterone, erection stimulators, sperm count and endurance exercise performance ability. In particular, 37% of participants showed significant expansion of the blood vessels in the prostate and urethra and the increase of testosterone, thereby increasing the amount of semen prolonging penile erection. In addition, their frequent urination and residual urine were also improved.


  • ISO 9001/14001ISO 9001/14001
  • OHSAS 18001OHSAS 18001


Our suggested dose
Take 1 capsule with water morning, noon and night. You may increase the dose to 2 capsules depending on the
Individual and dose-response.
  • Make sure to take it with water, otherwise it may get stuck in your throat.
  • Stop taking a dose if you have gastrointestinal disorders or the symptom of indigestion.
  • Stop taking a dose if you have abnormal physical conditions.
  • Stop taking a dose if you found any defects in the products.
  • Those who have allergies to the specific ingredients shall check the ingredients of the products before use.
  • Take care if you are taking other medicines (medicines for diabetes treatment, blood anticoagulant).
  • These products are manufactured in the same production lines as the those for the products using poultry,
    milk, buckwheat, peanuts, soy, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peaches, etc.
  • Health functional foods are manufactured using the raw materials or ingredients useful to humans.

Profile of RNCBIO Researchers Experts from various fields comprises RNCBIO Research Team

5 specialists(Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Gang, Shin Yong, the Director of Oriental Herb Medicine Research Lab, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Yang, Jae Hoon, the Director of Oriental Food Pharmacological Research Lab, Kim , Hye Im, the director of Food Pharmacological Research Lab, Department of Pediatrics/Internal Medicine, Han, Dong Hee, the Director of Clinical Research Lab and AN, Gyeong Cheon, the Director of CELL BIO Research Lab) have established RNC Food Medicine Research Lab and developed Menzgear.

My research lab holds the medicinal ingredients based on clinical tests and researchers, and continues its research activities in order to prove the benefits and efficacy of the ingredients which can be used for foods scientifically and objectively. The health of humans leads to the rich life of humans. We, as a leader in the bio industry, promise to provide you with healthy information, and wish you and your family healthy and happy life.

All of RNCBIO researchers

Charm Lee

At the forefront of the globalization of functional health supplements and foods made in the republic of Korea

Dear All

I am Charm Lee, the chairman of RNCBIO.

The market for functional health foods is steadily growing but so are consumer’s complaints concerning a lack of efficacy of such foods and their unauthentic sources.

Founded to address these changing market needs, our RNCBIO develops premium health products to improve the quality of life of consumers in Korea and the world. To achieve this objective our research teams base the development of our products on the latest results of a combined research of both modern western medicine and the age-old wisdom of Korean oriental medicine. All of our products are manufactured by one of the top korean makers of pharmaceutical products who is of course accredited by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (GMP certificate) in order to ensure the highest standards during the manufacturing process.

RNCBIO will continue its investment in R&D to improve the health and life of our customers and we will strive to grow into a global company competing with the best in all major markets.

Thank you.

Charm Lee

Chairman of RNCBIO and RNCBIO Research Institute


On Aug 15, RNCBIO has launched its RNC MEDICAL BIO FOOD LAB with the aim to research various health foods for he prevention of male prostatitis, the improvement of liver functions and blood circulation, hangover cures and women menopause.
It was officially launched after 3-month preparation period to research various health foods on the basis of Choenjiin and Gunshinjoisa principles, an engineering methods to increase absorption and mineral fermentation technology.
Influencers from various fields (the former president Lee Myung-Bak, the former president Kim, Young Sam, The president of the Peace Corps, the president of Red Cross and UN Secretary-General, etc.) sent flowers to celebrate this launching event.

To increase the efficacy of Menzgear developed by RCNBIO on the basis of western and oriental therapy programs, Choenjiin and Gunshinjoisa principles, pharmacological actions, the flow of energy, and metabolic activities were applied to manufacturing products. In addition, to increase the absorption of the ingredients in this solution, an innovative engineering method utilizing fermentation and microorganisms was used. This solution is 3-stage program, and this program is made to reflect the change of body functions, physiological rhythm and lifestyle of men in each stage.